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Detroit named Best City for Pizza Lovers

September 11, 2017 (JoaniesToGo.com) – St. Louis Pizza:  In St. Louis, we love our pizza. We even have our own style. Without a doubt, we have some of the greatest pizza joints in the country. And, we would like to think were at the top of that list. Even though, we might be a little biased.

In a recent study by SmartAssets, Detroit was named “The Best City for Pizza Lovers” in 2017. This study analyzed data from 150 of the biggest cities in America. In addition to having a large sample set, the study took into account many factors including: the total number of pizza joints in the city, the number of pizza joints per 10,000 citizens, average Yelp rating, and the cost of living for that particular city.

Detroiters are indeed lucky. There are 15.5 pizza joints for every 10,000 citizens. The average Yelp rating is 3.42.

Much like St. Louisians, Detroiters are blessed with their own, unique style of pizza. “Detroit style” is a cross between New York style pizza and the deep dish pizza of Chicago. Detroit’s signature pizza is a square shaped pie with a crispy crust and the thickness of a deep dish pie.

Speaking of Chicago style pizza, Chicago residents might feel burned because the Windy City was not able to crack the list’s top 10.

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