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Popular Pizza Toppings in Other Countries

Popular Pizza Toppings in other Countries

June 26, 2017 (JoaniesToGo.com) – Popular Pizza Toppings:  We’ve all been there, you’re hanging out with your friends, you all decide to order a pizza but, no one can agree on which toppings to get. If you think your friends have interesting tastes and toppings, wait till you see what the rest of the world likes to put on their pies.

“Niente” Nothing

Since Italy is known as the birthplace of pizza, it should come as no surprise that Italians can be pizza purest. One of the most popular pizzas in Italy is known for its simplicity. Pizza margherita is an Italian favorite. Pizza Margherita is made with the highest quality ingredients, but the ingredients list consist of nothing more than crust, tomatoes, sauce, and mozzarella cheese.

Holy Mackerel

This Russian favorite will have you holding your nose with one hand and grabbing a slice with the other. It is topped with salmon, onions sardines, tuna and mackerel. You will definitely need a breath mint when you finish this one. This pungent pizza is known as a mockba. It is named after the capital city of Moscow.

Eel and squid

On the other side of the world in Japan they really flip things around and top the pizza with seafood delicacies. Eel and squid are both considered to be Japanese delicacies. They also have a different take on pizza sauce. The ink from the squid is used to replace tomato sauce.

Emu, Kangaroo and Crocodile

Australia is known for having some of the fiercest carnivores on the planet. So, as you might imagine, they have a wholly different take on a meat lovers pizza. Aussies often enjoy a pizza top with crocodile, Kangaroo, emu or any other number of their formidable fauna. Barbecue sauce is often served up alongside of these meaty creations.

A Fried Egg

We can all agree that French toast is a classic breakfast treat. Believe it or not, the French have a great take on pizza for breakfast too. A fried egg is a popular French pizza topping. Although it is mainly popular in France, I think many of us would agree this pie would be a fantastic way to top off a late night or an eggsellent way to start the day.


Pizza topped with coconut is a Costa Rican classic. Coconut may seem like a strange topping choice to many of us, but it comes in second place to a topping we might consider slightly more typical. Shrimp is the preferred pizza topping in Costa Rica.

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