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Science behind Why Pizza Tastes Amazing

The Science behind Why Pizza Tastes Amazing

St. Louis/June 13, 2017 (JoaniesToGo.com) – Pizza Science: Pizzas are like Girl Scout cookies, everybody loves them. What’s not to love cheese, sauce and any toppings you can imagine! It is estimated that on any given day, one out of eight Americans will be enjoying a slice of pizza. From deep dish to thin crust, from anchovy and mushroom to pepperoni, pizza owes its deliciousness to a flavor-packed, culinary chemistry that takes place when its ingredients are combined.

On our journey to figure out why pizza is so irresistible the first stop has to be the taste buds. The human tongue is capable of detecting five different flavors. The five flavors of bitter, salty, sweet, sour and umami combine to create all the tastes we enjoy when chowing down on our favorite foods.

Umami is the most unique member of the basic flavors. It was discovered in Japan over a century ago. Umami translates to “tastiness” or “deliciousness” in Japanese. Umami can be generally described as a rich or savory flavor. Bacon is one of the only foods that incorporates all five of the basic flavors. It is especially intense in terms of umami. This flavor profile is why most of us can’t get enough of it. It’s particularly good on pizza, just sayin’.

Combinations That Make Pizza Irresistible

Umami and glutamate are unique. They help to enhance the flavor of food. They are the root cause of many of our culinary cravings. It should then come as no surprise that cheese and tomatoes are chocked full of glutamate. Many meets including pork are also high in glutamate. As soon as you sink your teeth into a bubbly, crispy slice your brain lights up with pleasure.

Creating the Best Slice of Pie

Pizza may have one downfall. Depending on the choices you make for your pie’s ingredients, it may not be the best choice if you’re interested in keeping your hourglass figure. However, there are some ways you can take the guilt out of enjoying your next slice. Most of us love a sausage and pepperoni pizza. But, meats like this are often high in saturated fat. Choosing leaner meats like chicken and turkey can make your pizza quite a bit healthier. Topping your pizza with vegetables is another great way to create a guilt free pizza.

Share a Slice

Pizza’s awesomeness may come down to more than scientific chemistry. Social chemistry may play a role too. Pizza is the perfect food for sharing with family and friends. What could be better than great friends and great food that is designed to be shared. Maybe, the social aspect is another reason we just can’t get enough pizza?

The next time you have a gathering with family and friends take the hassle out of it, and pick up a carryout from Joanie’s To Go (314) 865-5800. Our pizza is the perfect complement to good friends and good times.

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