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Pizza Numbers

Pizza Numbers

Pizza Numbers: No doubt, we eat a lot of pizza, but how does our love affair with pizza really break down?

Who, When and Where

Americans love pizza. That’s a given. Let’s take a look at who is chowing down the most and when we’re getting our pizza fix. According to a USDA study 44% of kids are eating pizza for lunch. On the other hand, 59% of adults prefer to enjoy a slice of pie at dinner.

I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed a slice of cold pizza for breakfast. But, according to the USDA study, only 4% of kids enjoy a slice for breakfast, and only 2% of adults indulge with pizza as the most important meal of the day. 60% of pizza is enjoyed at home. By the way, did we mention we offer carry out?

Which Toppings Top the Charts

One of the great things about pizza is its versatility. Everyone’s got their favorite types of crust and cheese combinations. What really makes pizza an American staple is the variety of toppings you can put on your pie. You can do ham and pineapple, just veggies or have yourself an all meat treat.

Statistically speaking, when it comes to toppings most of us don’t like to rock the boat too much.

36% of Americans like their pizza topped with pepperoni. Sausage is the favorite topping of 14%. 8% of us like to keep it simple with just cheese.

The Most Prodigious Pie Ever Made

The largest recorded pizza was “constructed” in Italy in 2012. It was both a culinary and engineering marvel. Weighing in at more than 51,000 pounds, it measured 131 feet in diameter and required more than 10 tons of flour.

The Most Expensive Pizza Ever

The price for the most expensive pizza ever delivered is truly out of this world. In 2001 Pizza Hut gave $1 million to the government of Russia to deliver a pizza that could be eaten in space to the international space station. I suppose, even astronauts need to take a break and enjoy a slice every now and again.

The Planets Most Expensive Pizza

The most expensive pizza available on planet Earth is found at Manhattan’s Nino’s Bellissima Pizza. It is truly a slice of heaven. It comes top with two different types of caviar and thinly shaved pieces of lobster. This luxurious, culinary creation will cost you $1000.

What Day Is the Biggest Day for Pizza in the US

 We know that pizza is a favorite food here in the US. So it stands to reason that the most popular day for enjoying pizza would be a day that is all about scarfing down some grub. The Super Bowl is the day on which most pizza is consumed in the United States.

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