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Pizza Fun Facts

7 Pizza Fun Facts You Probably Don’t Know

July 18, 2017 / (JoaniesToGo.com) – Here are 7 Pizza fun facts about Pizza you probably don’t know or would ever think about.

  1. Plenty of celebrities got their start in the pizza biz. Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin each worked at pizza restaurants. Jean Claude Van Damme got his start as a pizza delivery boy. I’ll bet he had no problems with people shorting him on the tip!
  2. Believe it or not, there has only been one superhero movie based on pizza. It was called Pizza Man. It starred Frankie Muniz. Frankie got special powers from eating a genetically modified tomato.
  3. Macaulay Culkin founded a pizza cover band in 2013. There pizza-based songs included “I’m Waiting for the Pizza Delivery Man” as well as “All the Pizza Parties”
  4. The first frozen pizza came to the market in 1962. No surprise, it is reported to have tasted like cardboard.
  5. Did you know man’s best friend also loves pizza? “Heaven Sent Pizza” is a pizza specially made for pooches. It is made with Parmesan cheese, celery, carrots and flour.
  6. Hawaiian pizza actually has nothing to do with Hawaii. Sam Panopoulos invented this tasty take on pizza in 1962. He was originally from Greece, and he had his own pizza joint in Canada.
  7. We’ve all seen people behind the counter effortlessly twirling and spinning pizza dough. You may have thought “could do that.” Turns out, there is actually a sport to spinning pizza dough. Teams of pizza pros compete at the World Pizza Championships.

With this prolific, pizza knowledge, you can be the life of the party the next time you are sharing some pizza with your friends.

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