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Strange but True Pizza Delivery Stories

August 9, 2017 / (JoaniesToGo.com) – Pizza Delivery: In today’s society, we take it for granted that we can quickly open up an app or make a call and are pizza will be delivered just a few minutes later. However, being a pizza delivery man can be a much more surprising profession than most folks may think.

Here are some of the more interesting pizza deliveries we’ve heard about.

A Portland, Oregon couple was surprised when they contacted a local pizza chain about their long wait to have a pizza delivered. The chain offered the couple a second pizza at half-price for the inconvenience. Before the second pizza could be delivered, two Portland police officers showed up at their door with a special delivery. The original delivery man was in an accident. The officers decided to go above and beyond and complete the delivery themselves.

One pizza delivery guy reports delivering a pie to a home where he heard a man whispering in the bushes. The man who ordered the pizza was hiding in the bushes. He instructed the deliveryman to put the pizza in the bottom of the trashcan and come over to the bushes. The hiding man wanted to remain covert while he signed his receipt and finished the transaction. Why might someone take a pizza delivery in the bushes? Apparently, the secretive customer had a very strict wife. He went to these bizarre lengths so that his wife would not now he had ordered a pizza. Believe it or not, The Man continued with this ruse and routinely ordered pizzas in this same fashion.

One pizza delivery man tells of delivering a pie to a man who was in the middle of being arrested. The delivery was to a Motel 6. As the deliveryman got closer he heard sirens and saw police. He thought, please don’t be the guy who ordered the pizza. Sure enough, it was. The deliveryman pulled up as the customer was in handcuffs. The customer/felon said something to the police officer, and the officer gave the delivery guy some cash off of the guilty party’s dresser and the deliveryman handed over the pizza.

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