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More Bizarre Pizza Delivery Stories

More Bizarre Pizza Delivery Stories

August 9, 2017 / (JoaniesToGo.com) – We had so much fun with our first post about bizarre pizza delivery stories that we decided to revisit it with a second edition.

Fish Fights

We got a call from one of our regulars. He was a good tipper, so we always argued over who was going to deliver his orders. As luck would have it, I got the delivery. This particular order was unusually large. When I arrived at his house and he opened the door, I could see he had company. There were bunch of people inside with fistfuls of money. Upon closer inspection, I realized the room was full of bowls with beta fish inside of them. Turns out, the group was betting on beta fish fights.

Pizza Pawn

I delivered pizza in a rural area. Even though we were in a rural area, when my deliveries took me onto dirt roads things just seemed to get weird. I delivered a pizza to a mobile home. When I got to the door I saw a note. It instructed me to come inside and take the money off the counter. There was a $20 bill on the counter. The total for this order was 26 bucks. I couldn’t find anyone in the trailer, so I decided to call the delivery number and see what the deal was. A lady answered. I told her the $20 bill she left for me wasn’t quite enough. She responded by asking me if I saw her note. I said, “I did, but $20 doesn’t cover it.” Then, she asked me “if I saw her other note, the one on the TV.” There was a TV next to the door with the phrase “pawn me” scribbled on it. Since I was a bit short I decided to take her up on her offer. I took the TV to a local pawn shop. After making a deal for the TV, I wound up with a $20 tip.

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