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History of Deep Dish Pizza

September 11, 2017 (JoaniesToGo.com) – Deep Dish Pizza is similar to burgers and chili recipes in that there are countless variations, and everyone has a unique combination they like best. Deep dish pizza is one of the most unique and beloved types of pizza pies. As you may know, deep dish pizza’s origins can be traced back to the Windy City. But, we have to dig deeper to understand how deep dish pizza came to be. Neapolitan immigrants began making their way to Chicago. As pizza increased in popularity, Chicago’s newest residents created a pizza that better represented their culture and their culinary heritage.

In response to the desire for a culinary connection to their homeland, two enterprising Neapolitan immigrants, Ike Sewell and Rick Ricardo developed an Italian twist on American pizza. In 1934, the two pizza pioneers opened their own pizzeria, pizzeria Uno. Upon opening their own pizza parlor, the duo introduced the world to their new take on pizza.

Most deep dish pizzas have a cracker thin crust along with layers of mozzarella cheese, hearty tomato sauce, meats and vegetables. Deep dish pizza more closely resembles a pie or a cheesy casserole than it does a traditional pizza. One thing is for certain, Sewell and Ricardo created a pizza unlike any other. They literally turned the pizza world on its head with their “upside down” pizza creation. Deep dish pizza has become an integral part of Chicago culture. This layered pizza pie is as synonymous with Chicago as the Blackhawks and Cubs.

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